Pay Per Click

As the name suggests, pay per click, PPC is a means of advertisement. Not only search engines but also the social networking sites have come up with an additional service categorised under Search Engine Marketing, SEM and Social Media Marketing, SMM. You can have the advertisement in the search engine that you want the world to see. When it is clicked, they get directed to your website. For every click, you pay the search engine a marginal fee. And so is the paid version of increasing traffic. Through SEO and SMO traffic to the website is bought organically. The ad however can be in any form such as an image or a video. It can be to multiple products or services that you offer. There is no limit in the number of ads you want to put up to the world. As per your budget, you can certainly have any. Google has a special feature called google adwords. Through them you can have display, video, app or search ads. However, PPC doesn’t help you with improving ranking. It is an opportunity to drive more people to your website. However, there is a process of bidding due to the increasing competition in the placement of your ad. Ones you get the bid, now you wish to have a satisfying return on investment, ROI. And so is the huge requirement of proper analysis before binging on the right package for PPC for your business. Research on the right keywords is to be made much before organizing a campaign for the same. Further the landing pages to your website are to be set up. Once redirected to your page, it is your responsibility to have proper routing across all your webpages for the visitor to not only have good experience but tempt enough to become your lead. We do it all for you as we are best PPC marketers in Hubli but also do PPC in Shimoga for our clients.