Search engines reward sites that are user friendly, which means they have high usability. Google favors sites that are not only rich in keywords, but also demonstrate user engagement. Ranking high on the Search Engine results is one goal every business wants to achieve, irrespective of the industry it belongs to. However, only a few manage to appear on the first page of the search engine results for the keywords that they target.

Let’s have a look at the elements which help you improve SEO ranking:

1. High quality and relevant content:

Many marketers consider SEO and content marketing to be completely different strategies, but both are very much interconnected and complement each other.
Relevant and useful content on your website motivates your website visitors to stay longer, and this can positively impact your search engine rankings. Though word count doesn’t rule the SEO world, nobody will read your stuff if it’s not beneficial to them.
Another reason to create highly useful content is that when visitors bookmark your content on Chrome, it will improve SEO ranking of your website in Google.

2. Page load speed :
Google announced that page speed would affect your website ranking. It means that if a visitor have to wait too long for your next page to completely get loaded, it affects the website ranking. Delay in page load has huge impact on your audience user experience. A bad user experience can cost you a lot and if your target audience have to wait too long to get what they are looking for, they will just loose interest in reading content in your website. And above all, a slow page load is penalized by the search engines.

3 Image Optimization

Besides image file format and sizing, there are other ways to make sure your images are working hard for you on the SEO .
One of the easiest and often overlooked Optimization opportunities is the actual image file names themselves. Those should use a few carefully chosen keywords. Image file size can dis-proportionally affect page load time so it’s important to get it right.

4. Different multi media :
Images, videos, slideshows and audio can help enrich the user experience and allow you to deliver the most suited information to your visitors. They also act as a signal of quality content to search engines. It helps you to make your content look good and interactive. And even Videos with great content get visitors to spend more time on a website. Video marketing has become an increasingly integral element in driving user engagement and increasing conversion rate.

5. Site architecture

Search engines tend to ignore sites that don’t include great content. Smart Search Engine Optimization(SEO) means designing your site so that crawlers find and index your best and most relevant content consistently. When visitors can’t find what they need on a website , they are most likely leave the site and this contributes to high bounce rate and low number of pages viewed. A good site architecture not only makes content easier to find, it can also help improve SEO ranking.

6. Social sharing :

The maximum number of Facebook shares, Tweets, Pinterest pins and other social media mentions can influence rank on search engines. It makes it easy for users to share your content if social sharing buttons on your website is installed. As these helps in improving the user experience and rank higher on search engines.

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