Having online presence of your business is very important especially if you want to run a successful one and attract huge audience towards your products. In the age of Facebook and Instagram, this is the time to publish your business on social media, which is very important than traditional marketing, tested advertising methods…..
Google My Business is the most beneficial and phrase that you’re looking for. This tool makes it incredibly easy for customers to find you on Google. From this you can attract new customers and retain existing ones and get better service with the help of Google My Business listing.
Here are few incredible ways to grow your business with My Business listing :
1. Create your business listing efficiently :
While setting up your My Business Listing, one must make sure whether the complete information provided is most accurate. The information provided should be relevant in every bits and pieces. This helps in building trust among customers and reliability of your business on Google. Specifications helps you eliminate the competition from searches, which brings you to the top.
2. Quality video and photos :
Visuals leaves a huge impact on customers. These helps customers know what they can expect from your business. Uploading high quality images and clips for better experience of your customers. And if your business sells products, add professional photos with proper lighting. This influences the target audience and even result in high searches.
3. Pay attention to your reviews :
 Google My Business proves to be beneficial for both parties as what’s right and what’s wrong and what improvements customers want from your business. One of the best thing about reviews is you can respond as many as possible. Work more on reviews as this will not only boost your ranking but also help you attract target audience.
4. Google My Business posts/ Google+ posts :
In Google My Business, posts small ads  which appear at the bottom of search result. By adding links to other pages, photos and new products you can customize the posts. Its very important to keep your customers updated about happening in your b. Regularly keep posting on your Google+ pages, notify your customers about sales , offers and special promotion
5. Scheduling arrangements :
Scheduling features like appointments and reservations like lawyer’s appointments and tourist agencies include within your listing. And if your business depends on such features then it is helpful in searching rankings. This feature help customer help in booking appointments directly from your listing. How cool it is!
6. Accurate operating hours :
This is very important for your customer if you include it in your listing but must be entered accurately. This helps customers to plan correctly as and when to visit you and if you don’t want your customers return with a closed sign on the door. Google My Business facilitates to enter customer working hours for holidays and special days. This keeps your customers happy by listing the accurate working hours.
7. Monitor your listing insights regularly :
Google provides depth in analytics and helps you study and analyze your business and make the most out of it. Which helps you to know how your customers interacted with you, where they found you, any requests that they made and what actions they took once they arrived on your listing. You can even research this analytics and data for potentially finding ways to increase  ranking of your site in search results.
8. Messaging and Q&A
Potential customers can directly send you messages if want to communicate you. This feature has been made available only to mobile users as of now, but when full functionality is enabled, we can expect greater use of this feature by businesses which helps in building better relationships with their customers, and ultimately, optimize their business listing.

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