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  • Porsche 911 Hollow Adjustable Sway Bars - TARETT

    Our products include fully adjustable hollow swaybars for your Porsche 911 914. The light-weight hollow sway bars are half the weight of a solid bar with the . [...Online Service]

  • Sway Bars, Gmax Solid Type, Pro Touring Hollow

    4 Oct 2015. PST demonstrates their sway bars Gmax Solid Type and Pro Touring Hollow type for your GM, Mopar, and Ford Muscle Cars. Visit [...Online Service]

  • Hotchkis Sway Bar Test: Solid vs. Hollow -

    25 Apr 2017. Hotchkis weighs and tests a hollow sway bar and solid sway to prove that hollow sway bars can offer the same or better stiffness as solid bars . [...Online Service]

  • Lighter, Stiffer, Better! 1 1 4 Solid vs Hotchkis 1 3 8

    10 Jun 2016. Lighter, Stiffer, Better! Check out the advantages of using a hollow sway bar vs. a solid bar on your car or truck! Watch our testing video to see . [...Online Service]

  • Video: Strength Testing Hollow Vs. Solid Sway

    25 Apr 2017. Wrestling with a hollow vs. solid sway bar decision Here's a science-based explanation from Hotchkis for the why the central core material in a . [...Online Service]

  • Porsche 911 Adjustable Hollow Sway Bars - TARETT

    Our products include fully adjustable hollow swaybars for your Porsche 911 914. The light-weight hollow sway bars are half the weight of a solid bar with the . [...Online Service]

  • Sway Bar Rate Calculator GTSparkplugs

    This simple calculator will help do that for SOLID and HOLLOW sway bars.. This will get you close but likely a lower rating due to rigidity of arms vs. bar as . [...Online Service]

  • Upgrading The Sway Bars On Your Miata - Racing

    The Racing Beat solid Miata rear sway bar is .. The second value of sway bars is that, by adjusting the stiffness of the front bar versus the rear, it is possible to . [...Online Service]

  • AutoSpeed - Rear Sway Bars: Improving FWD

    27 Jan 2015. In the case of a rear sway bar, the roll of the car is resisted by the torsional (twisting) action of . . The standard Corolla bar is 21.5mm – and it's hollow.. Solid sway bar stiffness increases as the fourth power of the diameter.[...Online Service]

  • Sway bar kit - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion

    Sway bar kit Suspension and Brakes.. If its hollow I don't see much gain over the stock bar. 8ll8lack . . Here is a link on Hollow vs Solid bars.[...Online Service]

  • How to Understand Sway Bars - Hot Rod Network

    8 Jan 2013. We cover the basics and help you understand how sway bars work and how to. front versus rear antiroll bars) to achieve the optimum handling balance.. For example, a 138-inch hollow bar is equivalent to a 1-inch solid.[...Online Service]

  • Sway Bar Rate Charts - Speedway Engineering

    Sway Bar Rates. Nextel Cup, Busch and Craftsman Super Truck; 1.75" — 48 Spline 37.5" Long (1.18" to 2.43" OD); 1" — 48 Spline 1.25" — 48 Spline Solid and . [...Online Service]

  • Lateral Grip: What Sway Bars Actually Do And Why

    5 Jan 2016. Solid and hollow (tubular) sway bars are both widely used in this day. this is your front-to-rear roll rate ratio helps determine understeer versus . [...Online Service]

  • Antiroll Bars

    Antiroll Bars (also called Anti-Sway, Sway or Stabilizer bars) - If you feel the. to conversion to stiffer pivot bushings (and end links in some cases) vs stock parts. Solid version of stock 28.6mm hollow bar, 40% stiffer, and only upgrade that . [...Online Service]

  • Muscle Car Sway Bars Hellwig Products

    Hellwig Motorsports Sway Bars provide modern technology for your vintage. Featuring an average tensile strength of 170,000 psi, our solid sway bars are . [...Online Service]

  • PST Sway Bar Kits Solid Front Sway Bar

    G-MAX Sway Bars are built from solid steel and are a great upgrade over your stock setup. Pro-Touring Sway Bars feature a tubular (hollow) design in the front . [...Online Service]

  • Rear Adjustable Sway Bar in 19mm and 22mm - Alta

    Hollow vs Solid Bar. Competitive manufacturers of hollow bars will attempt to argue that the weight reduction they offer is a huge advantage over solid bars and . [...Online Service]

  • Perrin Front Sway Bar Adjustable 25mm - Subaru WRX STI 2008

    Sway Bar Upgrade Package - Subaru WRX 2011-2014 STI 2008-2014. As low as. sway bars. These are a solid design versus others being tubular (hollow).[...Online Service]

  • Discussion Paper Hollow versus Solid. - Bill's WEB pdf

    4 Jan 2003. Comparison of Hollow and Solid Swaybar Design. In this paper the differences between solid and tube swaybars will be discussed. Namely.[...Online Service]

  • Anti-Roll Bars: How to Choose the Right Sway Bar for Your

    23 Dec 2016. It is not a one size fits all situation. Sway bars (anti-roll bars, stabilizer bars, etc.) come in different sizes and shapes, both hollow tube and solid . [...Online Service]

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